Medical Debt Matters

Medical debt can ruin your injury case, your credit, and can lead to bankruptcy even if you win your lawsuit against whomever injured you.

Choosing the right lawyer (or lawyers) is important. There are many options and variables to consider and often your medical bills are the most important among them. Your choices shouldn’t be based solely upon injury advertisements nor the mere recommendations of friends or family.

I strongly encourage you to personally meet with every lawyer you are considering for your case and to ask specifically how they will handle your medical debt. If you are told not to worry about it until after your injury case, please call me.

I am happy to speak to you and/or to your injury attorney about your medical debt and liens, at no charge or obligation. Call me today.


Resolving Medical Debt

Overcharged Patients

Don’t pay your bill, call me first. I’ll explain your rights, negotiate your bill, or help you apply for assistance. The call is free, and I charge a percentage of what I save you, or nothing at all. Call today or click the link below.

Injury Attorneys

Impasse? Call me before accepting a final offer. I’ll reduce your client’s Hospital or LOP liens by 60% - 75%. Fees are court approved and deemed ethical by the Supreme Court of Florida. Call today or click the link below.