Were you injured by someone else’s negligence and have large hospital liens attached to your personal injury settlement? If so, your Personal Injury Lawyer will negotiate the release of your liens, including medical/hospital liens, if possible. But if those negotiations reach impasse, in other words if you and your lawyer cannot get the hospital to agree to accept a reasonable amount, the Florida Bar has recommended that your lawyer file what is called an “Interpleader Action,” and withdraw from representing you (See Fla. Bar Ethics Opinion 02-04). But don’t worry, I can help you (and your Injury Lawyer) obtain the discount you deserve.


If you’ve reached impasse with a hospital lienholder, call me today or ask your injury lawyer to call me. Don’t overpay, just because the hospital has filed a lien. I can and will reduce most liens by between 50% and 75%, depending on the care you received.


I am always happy to discuss and/or meet with you and/or your injury lawyer to explain my services and answer any questions either of you have.  Call me today to discuss how I can break your impasse, and get your liens released at a deeper discount than you or lawyer ever thought possible. Hospitals would like you and your injury lawyer to believe they are entitled to payment of whatever lien amount they choose to file, but the law is clear, they are only entitled to a lien for reasonable hospital charges. Don’t pay more than you should, call me today!


If you and your PI Lawyer want assistance negotiating your hospital liens before impasse is reached, contact Synergy Settlement Service’s MEDICAL BILL CLINIC. Synergy now offers professional negotiation services, hospital bill reviews (“Reasonableness Reports”), and litigation support services (customized pleadings and discovery).



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