Class Action litigation is a complicated and specialized area of the law, often requiring a multi-dimensional team of lawyers to successfully prosecute these cases. Accordingly, I carefully screen all cases for potential class action issues and vet viable class claims with the lawyers and firms specializing in class action law suits.


All medical cases are carefully screened to identify medical billing practices that may give rise to possible class action lawsuits. Once actionable medical billing practices are identified, and if you decide that you want to stand up on behalf of other patients as a Class Representative, I will co-counsel your claims with local lead class counsel to prosecute your viable class action claims. Of course, class actions are not limited to medical billing; any and all other scenarios lending themselves to class action treatment are identified and explored.


Class actions have long been an essential mechanism in our legal system for allowing all persons who’ve been victims of the same unlawful acts or practices to get redress in one case, before a single court. In the medical billing context, class actions are essential in combating unfair billing practices employed against all or a portion of a provider’s patient population. Often, there are a large number of patients affected, making the class action a practical way of dealing with a huge number of potential hospital billing lawsuits and claims. The consumer(s) who bring a class action serve as “Class Representative(s)” or “Named Plaintiff(s).”  The people making up the pool of patient-victims are the “Class” or “Class Members.”


Named Plaintiffs bring class actions in a representative capacity.  In other words, one or a few Named Plaintiffs are actually named in the suit and bring the lawsuit as representatives of other consumers who have been subject to the same unlawful practices, for which the law provides some form of remedy or relief.  Class actions can provide Class Members money damages and court orders can stop the unlawful conduct by declaring a particular practice unlawful.




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