Given the almost overwhelming mass marketing of modern lawyers and law firms, I am pleased you found my practice.
I am a solo practitioner and my practice is small, by design. I have previously worked in a law firm setting, and have served as in-house counsel to an international healthcare corporation with clients in nearly every country in the world. There, I was responsible for managing the company’s litigation and legal affairs across the United States. But I’ve come to realize I prefer the personal connection and customized service so often only available through a small, solo law practice. Here, I want to represent you; your legal issues and goals are different than every other client’s.
There’s no mold, no cookie cutter, and no marketing department.


Choosing a lawyer is a very important decision. There are thousands of options and variables to consider; your choice shouldn’t be made based solely upon advertisements or upon the mere recommendations of friends and family. I strongly encourage you to personally meet with every lawyer you are considering. If you need help creating a list of suitable prospects, I recommend contacting the Florida Bar’s Lawyer Referral service. Alternatively, if you would like my help in determining what kind of lawyer you need, and identifying a lawyer who fits those needs, I am happy to help you do so (with no charge, or obligation). That’s my commitment, to you and to my profession.


I began my legal career as Florida litigation counsel for the Fairness Foundation, an Indiana non-profit organization helping uninsured patients negotiate their inflated hospital charges. Thereafter, I founded and served as the Managing Partner of Medical Bill Clinic, P.A.; a full service litigation law firm representing uninsured Florida patients against those same over-reaching hospitals. I also served as In-House Counsel to Olympus Managed Healthcare, Inc., the largest U.S. Cost Containment company serving the international health insurance market. I have and sometimes still do represent
international travelers and international health insurance companies, against Florida hospitals.


While my legal career began with hospital litigation, I am proud to now represent litigants in other areas of the law, as well.
My litigation skills translate well to most other commercial disputes, tort actions, and more recently, have been applied to family law matters. I am not tricky, don’t play dirty or fast and loose, and I greatly respect the practice of law, other lawyers, and the legal system. I still believe, despite the stereotypes and the perceived (or at times very real) lack of civility in today’s legal practice, that if the facts and the law are on your side, you’ll prevail. And I don’t think you need to be rich to win (nor afraid if your opponent is). The law is supposed to be for everyone and the courts are to be open, with justice equally accessible to all. The Constitution upon which I took my Oath of Attorney promises as much.


My first exposure to family law was my own divorce, through which I learned from my lawyer the importance of good advice,
a cool head, sound legal strategy, research and writing, and the intentional avoidance of issues that don’t matter while maintaining an unwavering focus on pushing those that do. While these principles of course apply to all legal matters, I’ve found they’re especially critical and valuable when analyzing family law issues, strategies and goals. Family law litigation does not and should not cost you everything you have and if a lawyer promises an outcome or recommends a fight without first trying to help you avoid one, you’ve probably got the wrong lawyer. Similarly, if you are looking for a lawyer to “beat up” on your spouse, I’m the wrong lawyer. But if you want what’s best for your kids, want a fair division of assets, and want to avoid spending them all to achieve those goals, please call me. We can figure this out.


I hope to hear from you. If I do, you can expect to speak with me personally, probably the first time you call, and definitely when you come in for your free initial consultation. I look forward to learning about you and your legal issues, to discussing whether and how I can help you, and to developing a legal strategy that accomplishes your goals.



I am from Baltimore, Maryland and much of who I am as a person and the way I practice law, I owe to where I’m from. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland at College Park (Go Terps!), and my Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law, with a concentration in International and Comparative Law. I’ve lived in Miami since graduating law school in 2004, after short stays in New York (Williamsburg/Brooklyn) and Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I have a profound love of this planet generally and the ocean in particular. I enjoy hiking, fishing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and most anything else in, on or near the water.


I’ve dedicated much of my legal career to assisting uninsured patients reduce their medical bills to the reasonable value of the care they received, but have since expanded my practice to other areas. I am a member of the Florida Bar, the Southern and Middle District Courts (these are Florida’s federal courts), the New York Bar Association (though I don’t often practice in New York), the American Association of Justice, the Broward County Trial Lawyers Association, the Dade County Justice Association, the Central Florida Justice Association and the Florida Justice Association. But more importantly, I’m a step-father to an awesome teenage son, a brother to an incredible big sister, and a son to loving parents who instilled in me the compassion and empathy it takes to listen and understand when someone is in need of your help. I truly can think of nothing I like more than helping people. But similarly, I know I am not always the right or best lawyer for every case, or every client.


I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of lawyers, over more than a decade of practicing law in Florida. I pride myself on those connections, on a strong comprehension of a wide array of legal issues, and on my deep understanding the legal system. My personal and professional relationships with lawyers from virtually every discipline have instilled a clear understanding that sometimes, it takes a team. When necessary, I collaborate with lawyers better suited to handle entire cases, or small parts of the cases I am handling. If you think I can assist you with your legal issue, I hope you won’t hesitate to call. I’d be happy to speak with you, and honored to represent you if we both decide I’m the right fit.


But most of all, I wish you all the best with the legal issues that brought you to my website, and more importantly, with everything else. Your legal issues shouldn’t take over your life, and they don’t have to. Good luck.




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